Somewhere Free

by Jeff Becker

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The title of the album, “Somewhere Free” is appropriate I think, I feel that every song is having to do with or pertaining to freedom and peace. The title track is having to do with the journey and longing for fulfillment, for something better. I’ve caught myself thinking in the past, for some reason I don’t know, I just know there’s gotta be something out there, somewhere free, some better way of living, something more than what I see every day. I’ve also noticed that we as humans seem to always have a dream, a dream of something better, of something more fulfilling, of something awesome, of a better way of living. I’m fascinated by that instinct, that tendency. I eventually just wrote a song about some of these thoughts and sentiments and there came “Somewhere Free”. I’m not gonna give a detailed explanation of the rest of the songs, not right now. I like what I heard in an interview of one of my favorite artists, William Fitzsimmons, he talked about how he felt song meanings are best left up to the listener, for your own interpretation. I like even more what I heard in an interview of one of my all time favorites, Houston native Chris Whitley. He said, “I don’t get too caught up in the meanings of songs, for me it’s more about the feeling.” Sometimes you get a feeling or vibe from a song that the lyrics aren’t consistent with.

These songs are the last of my initial writing goal of completing 14 songs by the beginning of 2015, with the exception of one, I finished the last of these just before the start of 2015 and I’m just now getting them released! They are amongst the first songs I ever wrote. I decided to make this another solo acoustic project, mostly because of my funds and what I had available to me at the time, but it was also fitting seeing as I wrote and jammed on all these songs solo, I went lone wolf on these ones. And so to me I guess it seems kinda cool to portray them in the same way they were created. I do hope however to collaborate with other musicians in the very near future.

Writing and performing these songs has been a blast, it’s also at times been unreasonably difficult and exhausting, both spiritually and mentally. Thanks for accompanying me on my journey to explore music and creation. Please feel free to message me about these songs if you have any questions or curiosities or just wanna talk about whatever!


released October 5, 2016

Jeff Becker: Vocals and Guitar, Recording
Steve Carr: Recording and Mastering



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Jeff Becker Austin, Texas

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